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Mark Hannah has always had a passion for movies and music. It was the mix of music and the visuals of film that inspired him.  boomerang! was born out of the love of both.


boomerang! was launched with the “X-Men” and “Spider-Man” franchises and has since had over 1,000 placements with a diversity of musical styles: orchestral, electronica, hard rock, post rock and cutting-edge sound design. From the early beginnings to the landmark event film “The Irishman”, boomerang! continues to create music and sound design for the biggest blockbusters, Academy Award winning films, animated features, best-selling video games, and for television, including the Oscars and Olympic telecasts.

“The difference between film and trailer is that film is the marathon runner, the trailer is the 100-meter dash guy…and I love creating music & sound design for both.”
                                               – Mark Hannah (composer / owner)

boomerang! - creating unique and innovative music with passion.

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